Web Design for Creative Brands

DAVID.MARKET is a boutique NYC web design and development agency. We build attractive, creative, and functional websites for e-commerce and B2B lead generation businesses.


WordPress & Shopify

We design and build WordPress and Shopify websites for B2B and e-commerce businesses. We are a Shopify Partner and an experienced WordPress agency.

Squarespace & Wix

Squarespace and Wix platforms provide an affordable, accessible method for other website projects. We are a Squarespace Circle member.

Design & Branding

We design websites in Figma for a thorough and collaborative design process. We also can create or refresh branding to help your site connect speak directly to your target customer.

Optimized & Future-Proofed

We optimize all our sites for mobile devices, for accessibility, for organic discovery via SEO, and for use with digital ads. We build back-ends for ease of use by clients for years to come.

Expert Web Design & Development

DAVID.MARKET is an expert NYC web design and development agency based in Brooklyn. We provide website design and development services for a variety of industries and clients, and across the major web content management systems. We design and develop custom WordPress themes and Shopify stores for key clients, and adapt existing WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix themes for clients with more restricted budgets. We also use provide data-driven optimizations and redesigns for existing sites and build all our sites for SEO and organic discovery. Our in-house staff include a website designer, website developer, project manager, and SEO specialist. And, if you need digital marketing and SEO services, we also work with clients on an ongoing basis as a focused marketing agency.

An attractive, functional and optimized website is key for growing brands. First impressions count, with average attention spans on the internet lasting ten seconds or less. Your website should speak directly to your target audience, making key information readily available, with site design and branding that reassures your audience that they are in the right place. A well designed and developed website will build trust, convert visitors to leads and customers, and grow your sales and leads.

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Search Engine Optimization

We build sites with SEO best practices and core target keywords to help your brand and website get discovered on organic search engines like Google.

Mobile Responsive

A majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Our site's visual design, organization, and speed optimization are mobile-forward.

Site Speed

Our development and design team build sites with fast load times to improve user experiences.


We build all sites to ADA accessibility standards and tailor our accessibility approach to your specific project goals.


We ensure your data tracking applications, like Google Analytics 4, are properly set up in order to provide integrated performance data.

User Experience Design

We use best practices, customer profiles, and data analysis to design a website with your target customer's needs in mind and to convert casual visitors to leads and customers.

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We are lifelong creatives with 25+ years of digital design and marketing experience. We’re here to help you realize your creative vision, to help grow your business, and to make your life easier. We excel in project management, communication, and workflow to ensure that your website project comes in on schedule and budget. Our creative approach and follow-through have resulted in us being recognized as a Top Web Design Agency by DesignRush.


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