An expert, easy to use, online source for digitizing and preserving physical media.

Mastertrack is a 20-year-old brand focused on physical media solutions. Mastertrack approached DAVID.MARKET to help re-launch Mastertrack as a full-service online manufacturing solution for media digitization and manufacturing and to launch corresponding marketing campaigns. Mastertrack specializes in physical audio and video services. They help organizations and individuals digitize old media – film reels, tapes, slides and more. They also help clients manufacture physical media from digital files – CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and vinyl records. Mastertrack provides fast and affordable online solutions, plus technical experts to make the process easy.

DAVID.MARKET built Mastertrack’s new branding and visual identity from the ground up, designed and developed a custom WordPress site, and launched Mastertrack’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and campaigns.

Branding: The new Mastertrack brand and website needed to speak to a modern consumer comfortable ordering online. The brand needed to be modern, solid, and trustworthy in appearance. The customer experience is linear and easy, while Mastertrack’s offerings are quite large. The brand needed to reflect the ease and professionalism that Mastertrack offered.

PPC, SEO & Strategy: To help Mastertrack prospect for new customers and to build their reputation, we designed and executed PPC ad strategy, targeting, and creative design to grow Mastertrack’s customer base, prospecting and nurturing new customers. We also developed a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, working to help Mastertrack’s key pages rank for major, industry terms. Mastertrack has seen ongoing growth in their inbound organic traffic.





Web Design & Development




Mastertrack Branding Example Image

DAVID.MARKET created a new brand identity with Mastertrack and supplied a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and assets.

Mastertrack Brand Manual

The Mastertrack visual brand was expanded into animated assets for engaging digital marketing use.


DAVID.MARKET worked with Mastertrack to build a custom WordPress website to host marketing and content pages and an e-commerce sub-domain.

DAVID.MARKET helped Mastertrack narrow in on their target customer and niche, develop a visual identity that would communicate directly to that customer, build a custom website and CMS, a SEO strategy, and a PPC digital advertising approach.