Digital Marketing Services

DAVID.MARKET is an experienced PPC, SEO, website design and creative agency. We help creative brands accelerate their growth. Read more below about our core services and how we can help grow your brand, traffic, sales, and leads.

DAVID.MARKET is an experienced PPC and digital advertising agency. We have nearly a decade of experience creating, executing, and managing successful pay-per-click (PPC), ROAS-positive digital advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook / Instagram (now Meta), and Bing.
We pride ourselves on our in-depth strategic work, thoughtful written copy and modern, distinct visual creative, all created in-house by our own design and copywriting teams.
We combine careful keyword research, precise customer targeting, account structuring, site auditing, and compelling messaging to create the most profitable and appropriate audience-focused digital advertising approach for your brand. We rigorously optimize all campaigns using analytics data to inform our decisions and to improve ROAS and other KPIs. We deliver detailed dashboards, monthly reporting, and strategy calls to keep you in the loop and to keep us accountable.

Thousands of organic web searches for your products or services are made each day on Google, Bing, and Duckduckgo. You want your brand to rank high in the search result for important terms relevant to your business. This organic search visibility is crucial for customers in finding you, trusting you, and growing your brand.
We focus on putting your brand in front of customers who are looking for your product or services. Our dedicated SEO agency services include:

  • Detailed Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Customized Messaging Strategy & Audience Research
  • Site Auditing
  • On-Page Website Optimization
  • Technical Site Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Press
  • Content Strategy
  • Detailed Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

SEO is a long-term, constantly evolving collaborative process. We work on your site and strategy on a weekly basis and deliver monthly reporting as to our progress. All our work is designed to build genuine, authentic visibility for your brand and authentic links and coverage that build trust. Our work is rooted in best practices designed for long-term growth.

A good website is important for brand growth. DAVID.MARKET is an experienced NYC web design, web development, and web conversion rate optimization agency.
We believe that a well-designed website presence that speaks directly to your target customer is one of the most important parts of your online presence. When visitors land on your website, they need to feel like they belong, that they came to the right place, that they can trust your site and brand, and that your website and brand speak directly to them. Whether you need to sell items with an e-commerce store, generate leads with a B2B (business-to-business) website, or just grow awareness with a landing page, your website will be your home base, gathering all aspects of your business together in one place. It will be your online representative and visual identity.
We focus on designing, building and optimizing WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix websites. Our in-house design team can refresh your brand and design an attractive, brand-aligned, unique web presence with intentional design choices made for ideal user experience.
Our expert in-house development team translates our distinctive designs through expert coding and back-end development into a content management system (CMS) that makes future adjustments and site evolution easy and convenient.
We also specialize in website conversion rate optimization. Traffic acquisition is only half the battle: you need that traffic to convert into customers, leads, and fans at a profitable rate, generating positive ROI. Our holistic approach works to convert your existing and new traffic at a higher rate, maximizing your efforts on all fronts and making your site more efficient and easier for clients to use. We design and build our original designs from the ground up to be conversion-rate-friendly.
Got a website you are happy with already or a developer you already work with? We will audit your site and help make any important changes needed to increase the conversion rate of web visitors to leads, sales, or fans. We use heatmapping, Google Analytics data, A/B testing, and other best practices to find both major bottlenecks on your site and other areas where we can make major and marginal gains.

We are an NYC-based creative agency with years of experience working with national, local, and mom-and-pop businesses and campaigns.
We work with clients to develop distinct visual creative for digital advertising and video campaigns, print, packaging and more. We handle branding as well. We work to refresh brands ahead of a new campaign or website launch and we work with others to build a new brand from the ground up.
We prize ourselves on clean, visually distinct, modern design, as well as collaboration. We work closely with clients in order to get to know your brand values, goals, and target customer and then work together to develop visual aesthetics that are tailored perfectly to your brand and help move your long-term strategy forward.

We are committed to helping our clients build their brands for and over the long term. Our approach to marketing strategy and brand growth is based on a firm foundation of strategy, research, and ongoing communication and support. We work with you to define your target audience, assess the competitive landscape, implement and examine your analytics data, evaluate your messaging, set KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators), and help create an ongoing strategy and road map for success and improvement.
This work includes identifying and understanding your target customers, differentiating your brand, growing leads and sales, improving ROI, scaling your business, and creating committed, repeat customers.

Our core focus is on growing your audience and helping you convert that new attention and traffic to sales, leads, and fans of your online web presence.
For larger clients, we now offer a custom agency model that includes email marketing, organic social media management, content marketing, copywriting, and graphic design services.
Email marketing is one of the most direct and important ways of precisely targeting and connecting with your audience, nurturing, educating, and engaging them. We work with you to develop a long-term email marketing strategy, content calendar, and create visual and written content for your campaigns.
Social media is an important way to build brand visibility, voice, and trust, and to differentiate your brand from others. We work with you on organic Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn strategies to connect with your audience and find new ones.
Our expert copywriting and content writing operation can bolt onto your existing business or we can work with you to create an expert blog strategy and more.