About the DAVID.MARKET Team, Our Clients, & Our Work

DAVID.MARKET are digital marketing consultants, SEO consultants, and a full-service digital agency. Founded in 2017 in Brooklyn, NYC, we are a small, tight-knit team that works closely with creative brands to jumpstart their brand growth, sales, and leads. Below, learn more about our team, our work, and the type of clients we work with.

David Vibert


David is an experienced digital marketing and communications professional with specialties in PPC advertising, SEO, and social media. He holds a Master’s degree in English and has over ten years of experience in digital communications and online business development.

Samuel Phipps

Design Partner

Sam is an accomplished Graphic Designer with over ten years of industry experience. He specializes in branding, logo, website, and print design. He has extensive experience working with large corporate clients as well and medium-size independents.

Andrew Clark

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Andrew is a digital marketing professional who began his career abroad in Doha, Qatar producing a podcast and serving as Ogilvy’s Head of Social in Doha. Over the subsequent years, he relocated back to the US and worked in a variety of roles focused on social media, public relations, SEO, and digital advertising.

The Rest of the team

Swathi P. – Assistant & Researcher

Morgan D. – PPC Specialist

Accreditations & Press

Since 2017, DAVID.MARKET has specialized in helping e-commerce, D2C, and B2B brands grow their brand visibility, scale up their web traffic, and convert that attention and traffic to increased sales, leads, and long-term brand growth. We do this by creating well-designed websites that feature branding and visual language that speaks directly to a brand’s target audience. We are digital marketing consultants, SEO consultants, and more. We aim to work with our clients as long-term partners and we pride ourselves on productive, collaborative relationships. We have a combined 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, social media, web design, graphic design, and business development, and we are a Google and Bing accredited PPC agency.

DAVID.MARKET was born out of a passion for the creative process and a desire to help maximize the things we love. With this in mind, we’re structured a little differently than many of our neighbors in the digital marketing world. We only take on a set number of clients, we work with them closely, and we choose them carefully based on our market research and our passion for their organization. We keep our team and roster of clients small so we can offer personalized attention and focus and care to all our projects and clients. We don’t have accounts, we have partners.

We work with our clients in three ways: as consultants helping you build your own efforts in-house; as marketing partners, bolting onto your existing team; and as specialists who work as your focused, outsourced marketing department, marketing your brand via email, social media, graphic design, web development, copywriting, and content-based marketing.

Our Values

Close Collaboration



Our Clients

We work with growing creative B2B, E-commerce, and SaaS brands. Our ideal clients typically have 2+ employees and at least a year of growth.