Google Core Web Vitals 2020 Update

In May 2020, Google announced important new factors affecting organic site search rankings. This announcement builds upon the company’s earlier debut of its PageSpeed Insights.

Why Do New Google Ranking Factors Matter?

As with previous major updates to Google’s evaluation and ranking criteria, these new updates show an increased emphasis on Google’s algorithm on-site page experience. We have known for a while that site experience matters a lot to Google: they want users not only to find the information they are looking for on the search engine but to have a reliable, secure, and pleasant experience on the sites they are served. This priority has now been codified into Google’s algorithm for producing search results. Along with load speed, these metrics measure how quickly and smoothly a user can interact with your site and pages in a meaningful way.

google core web vitals hero image

To avoid being left behind by the search engine’s algorithm, site owners must concentrate on their Google Core Web Vitals. These key features break down into the following six focus areas:

New as of July 2021

  • Site Speed = how fast pages and visual elements load
  • Interactivity = how quickly your site encourages and allows a user to take an action, like a button click
  • Visual Stability = buttons and other visual elements do not shift rapidly, leading to accidental clicks or scrolling

Pre-Existing Web Vitals

  • Mobile-First Optimization = site loads and displays easily on mobile devices
  • Secure Connection = your site uses the https:// encryption to protect user data
  • Absence of Disruptive Pop-Ups

With these Core Web Vitals in hand, it is time to implement these best practices on your site. To begin this process, we recommend using Google’s free tool, Google Pagespeed Insights, which allows for a convenient assessment of your site. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest optimizing image sizes and responsiveness to different browser experiences and adding image dimensions to your web code.