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Java Studios offer Brooklyn-based community, office, and studio spaces for rent to artists, startups, designers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. DAVID.MARKET developed a new brand and website design, accompanied by PPC and SEO campaigns.

Java Studios offer a series of Brooklyn-based community, office, and studio spaces for rent to a vibrant community of artists, startups, designers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses looking to amplify their reach by putting themselves side by side with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs.

Java Studios asked DAVID.MARKET to redesign and redevelop their website, including a brand refresh and to lead SEO and PPC digital ad campaigns driving sales and leads for their sales teams.

Branding: DAVID.MARKET worked to update Java Studios’ online brand presence to express and highlight the best elements of their brand, work, and offerings to their target audience. This included a brand refresh, updating Java Studios’ logo to 2022 design aesthetics and to appeal to its current target audience, as well as a selection of fonts, and brand colors that would best communicate the brand message online, and in print.

Web Design: It was important to Java Studios that their website convey the full breadth of the spaces, the services, and the environment they provide to tenants and to their communities. More than just a collection of workspaces, Java Studios, and their creative tenants, represent a place where “ideas live and thrive…at the intersection of creativity and commerce.” We worked with Java Studios to ensure that their new website layout be efficient and convey key information that prospective clients were looking for in rental spaces, such as pricing, amenities, rental procedures, event space and art gallery, and more. This was done using a base WordPress theme built out custom to the new brand and business needs.


Java Studios



Website Design & Development



Java Studios logo before and after image

Brand Refresh

DAVID.MARKET led a brand refresh for Java Studios that was rolled out on their website and digital communications. This effort involved updating an outdated visual strategy for new target markets and influenced by contemporary visual styles. DAVID.MARKET's brand refresh also extended beyond the production of a new logo to include new color palettes, fonts, and visual dynamics, expressed on the website and in a brand guide used across all digital platforms.

Java Studios Brand Palette Refresh

Website Design

Java Studios' updated brand was applied to a new custom website design by DAVID.MARKET. Based on a pre-built, carefully chosen WordPress base theme, all elements were custom designed to embody the refreshed branding, to speak to Java Studios' target audiences, and to help those individuals progress through the sales funnel.

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in Website Bounce Rate



in New Website Users


Increase in

Lead Conversions

Website Development

Java Studios wanted their new website to be as simple and as direct as possible. DAVID.MARKET created a one-page site divided into banded, interactive blocks designed to follow the target customers' interactions with the brand. This flowed by going from problem/solution and brand identification, to the evaluation of amenities and pricing, to lead conversion and communication around how the lead process worked.

A Good Website Drives Sales

Java Studios' new website focused on speaking directly to its target audience, providing them with key information, and making the lead conversion process easy and straightforward. DAVID.MARKET drove leads to the Java Studios site using expert SEO and PPC campaigns.


DAVID.MARKET developed a data-informed digital keyword strategy for Google Search Ads and organic search. This strategy was created in collaboration with the client, focusing on high-intent search phrases from different audience market segments: artists, small business owners, etc. For digital ads, the agency focused on Google Search, using negative keyword implementation, geo-targeting, and bid adjustments to find the most ROAS-positive approach. This was also accompanied by remarketing efforts on the Google Display, Facebook, and Instagram networks, and a detailed analytics setup to help client unite their different methods of lead generation.

Java Studios - PPC and SEO Search Graphic

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