Parasol Projects - Brand Refresh, Custom WordPress Website Design & Development

Parasol Projects are NYC's Premier Pop Up Agency with spaces in hip, high foot traffic areas like Soho and Nolita, and now expanding to other cities. DAVID.MARKET refreshed their brand identity and designed a custom website design in Figma, and developed a custom WordPress theme and CMS, improving conversion rates and user experience, aiding in business expansion.

DAVID.MARKET has worked with NYC’s leading Pop-Up agency, Parasol Projects, for several years on digital advertising (PPC) and SEO and website optimization. Parasol recently approached DAVID.MARKET to help update their WordPress website for 2023. As part of this project, we first refreshed their brand, then we created a custom, website visual design and user experience in Figma, going through extensive and thorough feedback and revision with the client. We then developed a custom WordPress theme to express that visual identity, with a custom CMS backend. We built the site design and experience to aid the client’s business goals and to prepare and future expansion. After launch, we used several months of notes and data to further revise and evolve the site user experience. As a result, we created a website that not only met and exceeded client expectations, but helped drastically improve their customer conversion rates and average session duration.

Website Design: DAVID.MARKET first updated the Parasol Projects brand, then created a custom website user experience. Parasol’s website needed to show their space and service offerings to brand B2B clients, as well as showcase the pop-ups they put on around New York City in key neighborhoods, and now in other cities, to attendees and press. We worked with Parasol to design a crisp, contemporary user experience that made it easy for customers and pop-up attendees to find and interact with spaces, pop-ups, pop-up resources, and more. Integrated mapping tools were integrated on spaces pages to help display property locations dynamically for event attendees and pop up clients. We created custom image galleries for each listing, allowing the client to showcase their spaces effectively. The custom theme was designed to be responsive and visual forward, providing a rich and seamless experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

WordPress Development: We built a custom WordPress theme to express the visual website user experience and to make the user experience approachable for both web browsers and client employees updating data and content. The Advanced Custom Fields plugin facilitated the creation of dynamic fields, such as location, property type, amenities, and pricing details, providing a rich and detailed set of data for each listing. Integration of a user-friendly dashboard empowered the client to easily manage and update their listings, ensuring a dynamic and up-to-date database of available spaces and events. We focused on expanding front-end customizability while making the backend content and data management accessible and portable. We also focused on building for future technical integrations and improvements to enable seamless CRM integrations and acquisition and processing of leads, so that the website can grow with the business. Throughout the development process, constant testing and optimization were carried out to enhance performance. Security measures were also implemented to safeguard data and maintain the integrity of the website.


Parasol Projects



Website Design

WordPress Website Development

SEO Optimization

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YoY conversion rate improvement


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YoY conversion rate improvement


Website User Session Time

Increase in avg time spent on-site YoY

Parasol Projects branding before and after image

Brand Refresh

DAVID.MARKET refreshed Parasol Projects' brand identity to express and highlight the best elements of their brand, work, and offerings to its target audience. This included a refresh of logo, colors, and fonts, and creation of a guiding brand manual document and toolkit.

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Website Design & Development

Parasol Projects' updated brand identity was applied to a new custom website design by DAVID.MARKET. The website design was created in a thorough creative process and consultation series with the client, building out the site identity within the Figma platform and using data and UI analysis of the prior website to continuously optimize and evolve the design and experience.

We implemented advanced search and filtering functionality to enable users to easily find properties and events based on criteria such as location, size, brands and price range.

Our work went beyond visual design and was based on the client's business goals, with a design evolved over the planning and design process to meet Parasol's specific business goals, across markets and audience segments.

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Responsive Website Design

With large portions of global user traffic coming through mobile, it is essential to create a mobile-optimized, responsive site design, providing a seamless experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The custom theme we created is responsive. Swipe the phone mockups to see more.

We used Figma for a collaborative, multi-stage design process incorporating and discussing client feedback; we built a simple, but resource-rich custom CMS in WordPress.

Parasol Project’s inventory of spaces was organized by neighborhood, size, and pricing, with display graphics emphasizing these key elements.

We emphasized accessible and communicative visual design to display Parasol’s pop-up events, brand activations, and installations to event attendees.


Parasol Project's databases of spaces, pop-ups, and resources needed to be optimized for future expansion. With our accessible theme and CMS, Parasol will be able to scale their business as they expand into new markets.

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