Solid Merch

Solid Merch makes music manufacturing easy for bands, record labels, and creatives.

Music Made Solid

Solid Merch, formerly Solid MFG., recently worked with DAVID.MARKET to help re-launch Solid as a full-service online manufacturing solution for independent bands, record labels, and creatives. Solid Merch specializes in vinyl record, compact disc, cassette, and other music media manufacturing, as well as in many types of merchandise for independent musicians, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Solid Merch’s proprietary, custom B2B e-commerce platform simplifies and automates the often complicated process of music manufacturing, letting customers get an easy online quote, submit files, and watching the order progres through manufacturing stages to completion and shipment.

DAVID.MARKET worked with Solid Merch to grow their customer base and in-bound sales through pay-per-click advertising on platforms such as Google Search, Display, Shopping, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram as well as through SEO optimization for key, high intent terms. We also audited Solid’s site for conversion optimization, assisted with WordPress site development, and provided other agency services, including support and strategy services for email marketing, and ran Solid’s organic social media outreach.

PPC Digital Advertising: One of Solid’s key strengths and unique offerings is their automated quoting and order production system, backed up by years of industry experience, expertise, and expert production and customer service staff. We designed and executed ad strategy, targeting, and creative designed to grow Solid’s customer base, prospecting and nurturing new customers. Over the course of our work with Solid so far, Solid has seen significant growth in their inbound leads and sales.

SEO: Music manufacturing involves a long sales cycle that depends on trust, details, and communication. To help Solid prospect for new customers and to build their reputation, we also worked on search engine optimization (SEO), working to help Solid’s key pages rank highly for major, industry terms. Solid has seen ongoing growth in their inbound organic traffic.


Solid Merch


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DAVID.MARKET created an organic social strategy and posting infrastructure, helping Solid engage with their target audience: independent bands, record labels, and artists.

DAVID.MARKET created a long-term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for Solid Merch, leading to major increases in rankings and search visibility for valuable, high-volume and high-intent industry search terms.



in Google Ads conversions

As of July 2020, DAVID.MARKET helped Solid Merch realize a 50% Year on Year. increase in Google Ads conversions.