Public Power

The Public Power coalition, DAVID.MARKET, and Greenpill built a successful digital pressure campaign against the New York State Assembly, Senate, and Governor to help pass the Build Public Renewables bill, a landmark piece of climate legislation allowing New York State to build its own state-owned renewable energy sources.

DAVID.MARKET worked with the Public Power Coalition and Greenpill to run a grassroots digital pressure campaign on New York State legislature in support of the Build Public Renewables Act. This campaign was implemented on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Display Ads. These ads drove letter writing, lead acquisition, and direct call campaigns to key regional legislators and to the New York State Governor’s office.

This ad campaign was a small part of a four-year project by climate organizers. Per the Public Power website, The BPRA Act offers the potential to “unleash the power of public funding to build publicly owned, 100% renewable energy, create a new era of green union jobs, help slash energy bills for those who need it most, and make New York a national leader in the fight to win a future we’d be proud to pass on to those to come.”

Paid Digital Advertising: DAVID.MARKET developed a paid media advertising strategy designed in its first phase to target individual legislators, and then in its second phase, to target the New York State Governor’s office. Specific, targeted legislative districts represented by key, swing legislators were targeted on social, search, and display channels. Paid social ads used visual creative and written copy from Greenpill and the coalition to microtarget different demographic groups with relevant, key messaging: union members received ads about the union jobs provisions of the act, and environmentalists were targeted with ads illustrating the climate benefits of the act, for example. Other target groups were also used.

Strategy and Analytics: DAVID.MARKET worked with Greenpill to align digital ads strategy with Greenpill’s overall media strategy and with the Public Power coalition’s overall goals and efforts, which included volunteer canvassing efforts, media buys in the New York State capital, and more. DAVID.MARKET’s digital ads strategy was based on deep background research and adjustments based on ongoing analytics and reporting. Working together, DAVID.MARKET and Greenpill developed data- and design-informed landing pages and integrations that drove email-writing campaigns from constituents to their legislators and governor, and then phone calls to the Governor’s office as well. Data tracking infrastructure and reporting allowed us and the ad platforms to efficiently and effectively reach the and converting audiences, driving strong CPAs and other KPIs.


Public Power


Paid Social Ads

Search Ads

Youtube and Google Display Ads

Strategy, Analytics, and Reporting

Public Power & Build Public Renewables Graphic - Landing Page and Ad Graphic

Strong Metrics

DAVID.MARKET achieved strong KPIs, including affordable CPAs, in this ad campaign and we are very excited to see that helped lead to continued progress toward Public Power's ultimate objective of passing this legislation. The act has now been adopted into the New York State budget and looks set to pass and to be a historic climate win.

Investment focused on Facebook and Instagram ads because of the geographic, demographic, and interest targeting available on the platform. Google Search and Display were also prioritized.

Digital ad campaigns drove 856 letters to legislators, 610 lead acquisitions, and 69 phone calls, all tracked.

With an excellent CPC of $.65 we were able to achieve an excellent and affordable CPA of $6.7 per person.

We reached a wide range of people, including 382,200 individuals, drawing in 13,920 website vistors and 14,109 engaged sessions.

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