NOPE Beverages

NOPE Beverages is a nationally distributed non-alcoholic beverage brand aiming to “elevate the non-alcoholic drink experience.”

NOPE Beverages is a non-alcoholic beverage brand aiming to “elevate the non-alcoholic drink experience.” With four diverse flavors ranging from the sweet to the spicy, this company delivers an ‘”alt-tail,” free from booze and artificial ingredients. NOPE and its founder Beth Ann Shaeffer have built a devoted customer base that supports one another’s sober lifestyles.

DAVID.MARKET focused on PPC advertising, SEO, email marketing, and organic social media content development services for this client.


NOPE Beverages




Graphic Design



Social Media

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Organic & Paid Social Media

DAVID.MARKET used the visual identity we established with NOPE Beverages to build a thorough organic social media strategy for the client to use across multiple platforms. The primary platform was Instagram, which was the company's primary driver of community engagement. Monthly thematic content calendars featuring individual posts’ copywriting, hashtags, and visuals were created in collaboration with the client. Likewise, the team supported NOPE’s founder with community management and drafting messages for her profile’s messaging systems.

We created and deployed targeted paid Display and Social ads that pushed product USPs and sales offers in order to engage their customer base.

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Using key dates throughout the calendar year, we created a joint organic, social, and email strategy that ensured social and connected content was on brand and engaging.



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PPC Advertising

DAVID.MARKET created a detailed pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising strategy for NOPE Beverages for use across the ad platforms best suited for reaching and speaking to their target audience: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and Google Display. An in-depth understanding and profiling of NOPE’s customer base and interests helped us choose these specific platforms and build out strategy and content for each. The D.M team considered how each advertising tool could help at different points in the marketing journey, from general awareness to increasing online sales. These insights informed the development of varied ad formats, including static imagery and GIFs.

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DAVID.MARKET formulated technical, content, and keyword strategies for NOPE Beverages as part of our SEO work. Each strategy evaluated the website’s current user experience and organic search rankings. Using these insights, DAVID.MARKET identified relevant keywords and related on-site optimizations to help attract additional organic traffic. Keywords were targeted to integrate into the website’s metadata and existing published content. The agency also developed and executed a backlink-building strategy for NOPE. These efforts sought to attract new organic visitors to the website and increase its rankings on search engines.

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Email Marketing

DAVID.MARKET established an email marketing strategy and visual aesthetic for the client. Deliverables included twice-monthly newsletters, including new copy and visuals, designed to maintain brand continuity and speak directly to NOPE’s target market. Imagery and tone of voice mirrored how NOPE talked to its audiences via other marketing channels, such as its website and social media. Newsletters were designed to deliver information concerning promotional offers, alt-tail recipes using NOPE products, and company updates.