Mosaic Instructional Planning

A startup educational lesson-planning, management, and oversight cloud software platform for secondary & collegiate students, helping them use the mosaic of educational intelligence.

Mosaic Instructional Planning

Mosaic Instructional Planning is a startup software-as-a-service (SaaS) instructional lesson planning software application and learning ecosystem for the secondary and collegiate education market. Founded by experienced instructional professionals and technological experts, Mosaic Instructional Planning helps teachers and educational professionals to plan rigorous standard-aligned curriculum tailored to their students’ multiple intelligences, individual languages, and more, with automatic differentiation of materials. It also allows for instructional managers to oversee their department’s lesson planning and execution. Though our strategy and branding agency services, DAVID.MARKET led the rebrand of Mosaic and helped them establish their strategic foundation for future growth.

BRANDING: DAVID.MARKET helped lead Mosaic’s rebrand from Shared Space Planning to Mosaic Instructional Planning, partnering with Mosaic’s founders to help create a new brand name that was designed to reflect the mosaic of intelligence inherent in Mosaic’s learning modalities. DAVID.MARKET then worked with Mosaic to design a new logo and visual communication language for the brand. As a startup with a strong offering entering a still-developing market niche, it was important for Mosaic’s visual identity and language to be distinctive from its competition, to reflect and communicate the high level of expertise built into its platform, and to speak directly to its target market of educators and education managers. It required a visual identity that was clean, professional, modern and accessible.  This new visual identity and visual language is now ready and has been used across many brand surfaces: website, trade shows, print, and more.

STRATEGY: DAVID.MARKET worked closely with the Mosaic Instructional Planning team in a collaborative process to create a multi-platform strategic marketing plan that included B2B, PPC, web, trade-show, social, email, content, and more. Mosaic is currently used widely in secondary and collegiate markets but has the potential for large growth nationally. As Mosaic prepared to scale up in the education market and to take on investment, we worked with the founders to craft a marketing strategy that fit into their overall business plan. This strategic work included market research and evaluation, research and definition of target audiences, assessing the competitive landscape, SWOT analysis, marketing mix strategies for each market, and immediate and longterm schedules and KPIs. 


Mosaic Instructional Planning




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Mosaic Instructional Planning - Branding Agency Example - Mosaic Logo with Grid

A new name and brand identity to reflect the mosaic of educational intelligence.

Mosaic Instructional Planning - Branding Agency Example - Branded Image of Students Talking
Mosaic Branding Agency Example - Color Palettes and Social Logos
Mosaic Branding Agency Example - Headline Text Types and Grid Examples

With a professional feature set, clear branding, an in-depth marketing strategy, and a combined 40+ years of classroom educational expertise, Mosaic Instructional Planning aims to emerge as a leader in the educational planning market.