Miko designs, manufacture, and sell premium home goods that encourage wellness, relax your mind and help melt away stress. Miko's products include a well-known line of foot massagers, body massagers, and air purifiers. They focus on creating healing experiences and products designed to pamper, refresh, and recover.

MIKO – Stay Grounded

Miko approached DAVID.MARKET to help them strengthen their brand, grow their brand awareness, and increase sales through their D2C e-commerce site.

Miko specialize in wellness products for the home, office, and home office, including home massagers and air purifiers. Miko products are well-represented on Amazon, Walmart.com, and in brick-and-mortar stores, but Miko aimed to grow their own brand beyond just the reach of their products and to increase e-commerce sales and brand engagement through their own proprietary website and social media channels.

Our team worked with Miko to implement a long-term, cross-platform brand-growth project, one designed to raise awareness and engagement of Miko’s proprietary communications channels and to grow direct sales.

We advised on Miko’s website build and marketing strategy, led a brand refresh and visual design for the website and other collateral, led Miko’s pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), organic social media, content – blogging, and email strategy and implementation.

DAVID.MARKET was directly responsible for a 200%+ increase in e-commerce revenue, year-on-year, and a 797% increase in year-on-year holiday shopping season sales. Miko also engaged DAVID.MARKET to contribute to manage packaging design, building cross-market brand recognition and engagement via consistent visual messaging and communication.

SEO & PPC Digital Advertising: Although known for their product visibility on Amazon and in home goods stores, Miko’s D2C website e-commerce had been a secondary priority, until recently. DAVID.MARKET designed and executed an organic SEO strategy and a complementary PPC ad strategy. Ad targeting and creative was designed to grow Miko’s customer base, prospecting and nurturing new customers. To help grow Miko’s visibility, we also worked on search engine optimization (SEO), working to help key pages rank higher for relevant industry terms. Miko has seen ongoing growth in their inbound organic traffic and PPC advertising has been a major driver of growth.

Content, Social, & Email Marketing: As part of our cross-platform brand build, DAVID.MARKET helped Miko build a content-marketing, email and social media strategy and infrastructure. This involved email list segmentation, email template design, abandoned cart and transactional store emails, product launch emails, distribution of blog content, data analysis and strategic adjustments, copywriting, social strategy, and visual and written creative for social.







Conversion Optimization

Social Media


Graphic Design

DAVID.MARKET led Miko’s brand refresh and consulted on their new website design. Our work focused on building a smooth, attractive customer experience that eased in and converted visitors to customers at a much higher rate, with a resultant 8000% percent increase in conversion rate.

Under DAVID.MARKET’s leadership, Miko’s cross-platform PPC metrics have continued to improve with a year-on-year 106% increase in clicks, a 202% increase in conversions, and a 17% improvement in CPA and an improvement to 400% – 600% ROAS during holiday shopping season.

DAVID.MARKET oversaw two product launches for Miko, the Ugo percussive massager, and the Ibuki air purifier. For these launches, we designed dynamic media content for use on ads, social media, the Miko website, and across multiple brand surfaces.

DAVID.MARKET eventually oversaw the visual design and copywriting for Miko’s new product packaging, uniting physical and digital brand strategies.

DAVID.MARKET built a new organic social media strategy and attractive, on-brand visual aesthetic and look for Miko that focused on consistent, dependable messaging to Miko’s target audience about the brand, products, and the benefits of both.



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DAVID.MARKET directed Miko’s brand imagery across platforms, including 3D product renders, animated advertising clips, packaging, and other product and brand visual collateral.

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