Luna Park in Coney Island

Luna Park is a historic amusement park and entertainment destination based in Coney Island, Brooklyn. It is famous worldwide as the birthplace of modern amusement parks.

DAVID.MARKET provided award-winning, full-service agency services to Luna Park.

Luna Park in Coney Island, iconic NYC theme park, approached DAVID.MARKET to help build their digital marketing for the summer 2022 season and to then hand off this firm foundation to their internal team. We provided a full agency approach, including branding and graphic design services, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising across multiple platforms (PPC), web optimization, maintenance, and email marketing. Our marketing campaign won a 2022 MarCom Awards medal for integrated marketing campaigns.

SEO: DAVID.MARKET developed technical, content, and keyword strategies for Luna Park as part of our SEO work. Each of these strategies involved the evaluation of the website’s current user experience and organic search performance. Building upon these insights and this analysis, DAVID.MARKET identified relevant keywords and related on-site optimizations to help attract additional organic visibility and traffic. Keywords were targeted for integration into the website’s metadata and into existing published content. The agency’s development team also provided the client’s IT department with a list of key technical optimization efforts designed to attract new organic visitors to the website and to increase its rankings on search engines.

PPC: DAVID.MARKET created a detailed pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising strategy for Luna Park for use across ad platforms best suited for reaching and speaking to their target market: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, and Google Display. An in-depth understanding and profiling of Luna Park’s customer base and its demographics helped us narrow in on these specific platforms. Our ad strategy and audience targeting was focused on raising awareness and driving wristband sales amongst these core target markets.


Luna Park in Coney Island





Graphic Design




Branding and Design

DAVID.MARKET first led a brand refresh for Luna Park for use in digital, physical and print promotion. This brand refresh was used to set a clear visual direction for the summer 2022 season collateral. We created a multifaceted, flexible campaign that spoke to each of Luna Parks varied and dynamic customer base. Messaging was designed to speak directly to each demographic but always with one central call to action, that "Luna Park Coney Island is..." to reflect the different experiences different audiences have with the park.

As the park holds different meanings to every person that visits, we developed visual concepts that channel this idea. The creative is designed to connect with a wide ranging audience through flexible applications. The brand visuals use a hand-rendered typeface to give the concept personality in order to strengthen the emotional connection underpinning the creative. 

"My Luna Park"

We included the use of ‘my’ in many applications for use across socials and other digital marketing formats. The photography used is more intimate and based towards people using the park in different ways. This aims to create a more personal and emotive response while appealing to a wide audience scope.

Luna Park has a long history in Coney Island and it was important to channel this within the creative and advertising approach. This heritage has created a loyal and loving customer base across the tri-state area, along with appreciation and brand familiarity around the world. Luna Park is a lot of things to a lot of different people and the customer base is varied and diverse; each visitor uses the park differently and enjoys a day out on its grounds for various occasions.

Luna Park in Coney Island - Opening Day 2022 Park Banner Image

Organic Social Media

DAVID.MARKET used the visual identity we established with Luna Park to build a thorough organic social media strategy for the client to use across platforms. The platforms we focused on included Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in the order of importance to the park. Monthly thematic content calendars featuring individual posts’ copywriting, hashtags, and visuals were created for the client’s use. Likewise, the team advised Luna Park on best practices with regards to social media community management and visual selection.

DAVID.MARKET - Luna Park in Coney Island Case Study - Instagram Visuals for Opening Day 2022

Paid Advertising on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display

The D.M team considered how each advertising tool could help at different points in the marketing journey from general awareness to driving actual sales of wrist bands. These insights informed the development of varied ad formats, including static imagery, short videos, and multi-panel images, and carousels across multiple ad platforms.

Email Marketing

DAVID.MARKET created an email marketing strategy for the client, including a weekly newsletter, maintaining brand continuity and authoring new written copy and visual creative. They were designed to deliver information concerning park hours, special promotions, and updates about attractions. Imagery and tone of voice mirrored how Luna Park talked to and interacted with its audiences through their website and social media platforms.

DAVID.MARKET - Luna Park in Coney Island Case Study - Opening Day 2022 Newsletter Mock Up

Reporting and Analytics

DAVID.MARKET developed a custom reporting suite for Luna Park, for use in aggregating data from multiple platforms in order to provide a holistic picture of all marketing efforts and their results and key performance indicators (KPIs).

DAVID.MARKET - Luna Park in Coney Island Case Study - Reporting Image

Website Updates & Maintenance

DAVID.MARKET worked with Luna Park to update the visual approach, organization, and image selection of their website in order to best communicate with their target market. We also developed technical solutions for implementation.

Luna Park in Coney Island - Website Photo Improvements Contact Sheet Image

Visual assets for wristband sales were key to pushing users to the site and sales platform using our marketing approaches.

DAVID.MARKET - Luna Park in Coney Island Case Study - Wristband Sales Image

We developed branded video assets for use on video vans and in digital advertising.

DAVID.MARKET - Luna Park in Coney Island Case Study - Opening Day 2022 Van GIF

DAVID.MARKET won a MarCom Awards 2022 Gold Medal for our integrated marketing campaigns for Luna Park in Coney Island.

MarCom Awards Graphic