L. John Morelli Wedding + Event Films

L. John Morelli is an experienced event filmmaker whose filming company has been shooting weddings, bar mitzvahs, large and small events, parties, and intimate family affairs professionally for more than 30 years.

A New Digital Approach

L. John Morelli is an experienced New York-based filmmaker who focuses on weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other intimate events. Morelli and his team approached DAVID.MARKET to help grow their marketing online and to reach more customers.

DAVID.MARKET helped the firm zero in on their target market, build their paid search and paid social advertising accounts and campaigns, ran their organic social media accounts, and helped design and build a new, modern website presence optimized for search engine discovery (SEO).

Web Design: DAVID.MARKET designed and developed a new simple, smooth, website presence for L. John Morelli Wedding + Event Films. This site was focused on providing a branded, professional web presence that spoke directly to the firm’s target audience and provided multiple touchpoints for leads at different levels of their sales journey.

PPC & SEO: DAVID.MARKET built the PPC search keyword strategy for Morelli’s firm, Google display search campaigns, and paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Our process included copywriting and audience targeting aimed at the firm’s target audience.


John Morelli Wedding + Event Films





Social Media

Web Design & Development

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DAVID.MARKET developed a social media posting infrastructure for L. John Morelli Wedding + Event Films and an organic social media strategy aimed at Morelli’s core target audience.

We helped Morelli start their first PPC advertising campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Google Search, and Google Display, increasing inbound lead acquisition from high-intent potential clients.

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