BRIK Charger

Designer and developer of handheld charging technologies for mobile devices and personal vaporizers.

PPC & SEO For A Restricted Category

BRIK Charger approached DAVID.MARKET to help Brik grow their inbound e-commerce traffic and sales through search engine optimization for key terms, through PPC digital advertising, and through website optimization for conversions and SEO.

BRIK Charger primarily develops and sells portable chargers and charging cables for the JUUL and the Vuse Alto vaporizers. While BRIK does not sell tobacco products, these products’ work with items in a restricted category necessitated a careful, unique approach that emphasized SEO and conversion optimization over PPC. 


SEO & PPC: We developed a keyword and mapping strategy and then applied it to BRIK’s site, optimizing each page’s site content, delivering weekly updates and reports on the rankings of these targeted keywords and the resulting traffic and sales through them. We also performed a thorough in-bound link analysis, identifying links that needed adjustment and strengthening, and working with Brik to help build new, optimized links. We also developed a PPC strategy to help BRIK acquire new customers within a regulated space. 

Website Optimization: We used heatmapping and traffic analytics data to identify bottlenecks in Brik’s conversion process, including trouble areas, and key highlights, helping BRIK make their website design and checkout process more efficient, and raising their overall conversion rate.


BRIK Charger


Search Engine Optimization

Digital Advertising

Conversion Optimization


Once you get a customer to your site, you must provide them with a user-friendly experience. We used heatmapping and traffic analytics data to improve Brik’s landing page, visitor, and conversion process.

DAVID.MARKET developed a precise SEO keyword strategy for Brik Charger, optimizing site content, and link-building to optimize for key terms and sales.



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Through PPC and SEO optimization we. achieved a 229% increase in users and 375% increase in transaction volume.