Bhakti Center

The Bhakti Center NYC is a historic spiritual-cultural center on New York City’s Lower East Side devoted to sharing the experience of self-transformation through Bhakti-yoga.

The Bhakti Center NYC is a historic spiritual-cultural center on New York City’s Lower East Side devoted to sharing the experience of self-transformation through Bhakti-yoga. Beyond offering a variety of in-person classes and events, the organization differentiates itself by its commitment to authentic learning grounded in the life and teachings of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. DAVID.MARKET led the development and execution of a digital marketing strategy for the Bhakti Center’s 2022-2023 specialty training sessions, spiritual retreats, and regular yoga classes.

Branding & Visual Identity: DAVID.MARKET and the Bhakti Center’s core team initially focused on enhancing existing branding assets for digital use. This brand refresh also set a clear visual direction for the 2022-2023 specialty training collateral.  The Bhakti Center possessed existing brand assets and guidelines, allowing the agency to begin working on the entity’s busy schedule quickly. A sense of calm and inward focus permeated these branding parameters and was expanded upon by DAVID.MARKET as it designed and rolled out imagery for email newsletters, digital ads, and other promotional efforts and advertising channels. These brand feelings were incorporated via a soft color palette, language that instilled a sense of spirituality and expertise, and photography that emphasized the welcoming nature of the Bhakti Center’s staff and community. These efforts aimed to create a more personal and dynamic response while appealing to past and new class participants.

PPC Advertising: DAVID.MARKET, as part of its integrated marketing plan for the Bhakti Center, created a detailed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy. This plan spanned multiple ad platforms well-suited to reaching the client’s target market: Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search. An in-depth understanding and profiling of the organization’s customer base and competitive research informed our choice of ad platforms. The agency specifically evaluated how each one could assist in generating results, ranging from general awareness to driving class and training registrations. This perspective influenced the creation of varied ad formats, including static imagery, short videos, and image carousels.


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Reporting and Analytics

Paid Social Advertising

Paid social ads were designed and deployed to showcase Bhakti Center's unique offerings to their targeted audience across social media platforms. DAVID.MARKET developed all creative content using existing client-shot photography and video.



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Reporting and Analytics

DAVID.MARKET developed a custom reporting suite for the Bhakti Center that distilled data from multiple platforms to provide a comprehensive view of all marketing efforts and their results and key performance indicators (KPIs). Throughout our work, the agency could drive more than 11K users to the website and increase the number of engaged sessions (individuals who stayed for more than 10 seconds) by 28%. Additionally, the site’s engagement rate grew by 97% throughout our contract. More importantly, the DAVID.MARKET team aided in the generation of 20% of overall sales during its contract through devising and highlighting special offers in PPC ads and newsletters.

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DAVID.MARKET’s SEO work entailed devising technical and keyword strategies for the Bhakti Center’s website. Evaluating the website’s current user experience and organic search performance formed the foundation of the strategy. Using this analysis, DAVID.MARKET outlined relevant keywords and related on-site optimizations to help attract additional organic traffic. Specifically, these keywords were integrated into the website’s metadata and existing content. DAVID.MARKET also formulated and executed a backlink-building strategy for the Bhakti Center to attract new organic visitors to the website and increase its rankings on search engines. Notable new links included a mixture of national and local media outlets’ website mentions, which will help attract greater attention and organic traffic to the community.

Email Marketing

After initiating work with the Bhakti Center, the agency began overhauling the client’s Mailchimp newsletter writing process and creative elements. These enhancements included the creation of an email content calendar in conjunction with the client team, a cleaner visual aesthetic, and streamlining of the center’s mailing lists. Imagery and tone of voice mirrored how the Bhakti Center talked to its audiences elsewhere, such as on its website and social media. Newsletters were designed to deliver information concerning upcoming retreats, special promotions, and updates about yoga classes.