The Anthony Quinn Estate

The estate of renowned actor and artist Anthony Quinn.

The estate of renowned actor and artist Anthony Quinn approached DAVID.MARKET to redesign their website. The estate wanted to use their website to keep people informed about Quinn’s artistic legacy, on ongoing exhibitions and events, and to offer for sale limited prints produced during the artist’s lifetime, as well as limited editions of Quinn’s art books.

Web Design & Development: We refreshed the branding of the estate, connecting Quinn’s recognizable signature with his artwork and with portraits of him at work. We then translated that new aesthetic to a new website design, including an e-commerce store. 

SEO & PPC: We used Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive awareness of the site and the new e-commerce store. We optimized the site’s content and structure to help the site rank for valuable, related terms in search engines.


The Anthony Quinn Estate



Web Design & Development




Anthony Quinn Estate - Anthony Quinn Photo

We dug into archival material to find statement photographs and Quinn’s recognizable signature. We united the two in a modern but distinguished visual layout.

We helped the estate develop an e-commerce store designed to sell two different types of products to two different types of customers: rare, high-value prints to a select group of customers, and art books to a wider audience.

To give the brand a sense of authenticity and heritage it made sense to use the distinctive unique AQ signature as the logo/brand.



in organic site search visibility.



in visits, new users, and sessions.



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We also used our photography capabilities to shoot compelling photos of the art books for sale in the estate’s e-commerce store.