Alexa Avilés for City Council

Alexa Avilés is a lifelong Brooklynite, a mom, and an organizer for fully funded public schools, housing for all, and workers’ rights. She is running for New York City Council in District 38 to fight for working people. DAVID.MARKET provided professional design, branding, and digital infrastructure support.

Alexa Avilés has lived in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood for nearly two decades and is a proud Boricua, education organizer, and mother. In 2021, she ran for the Democratic party line for New York City Council in District 38, comprising the neighborhoods of Red Hook, DAVID.MARKET’s home of Sunset Park, and other surrounding communities.

Alexa and Alexa for City Council asked DAVID.MARKET to help build the campaign’s infrastructure, which included a campaign rebrand, photoshoot, a website re-design, and build-out of digital infrastructure for later use by paid staff and volunteers. During the election cycle, DAVID.MARKET provided print design, digital advertising, and general consulting support to paid campaign staff, the campaign, and the candidate.

Branding: The Alexa campaign asked DAVID.MARKET to help refine and expand the campaign’s existing logotype and to create an evolved, friendly, direct, but professional and modern visual brand language. This branding and visual language needed to be modern, clean, friendly, distinct from other campaigns’, and, importantly, to be usable by contractors and volunteers coming to the campaign with a range of design experience. After establishing the brand aesthetic with Alexa, we developed a thorough branding and communications guide document for the campaign that explained the visual guidelines for the brand as well as the campaign voice we established with the campaign. Assets were loaded into the campaign’s Canva account for volunteer use.

Website: Our branding work extended to the Alexa for Council website, where our focus was on creating an easy-to-navigate, professional website built on an easy-to-understand CMS that could be used and updated easily by paid and volunteer campaign staff over the course of the fast-moving campaign cycle. We designed the layout of the site for easy navigation of key aspects of a political campaign: policies, biography of candidate, endorsements, press, and how to get involved, etc. We also designed an inbound sign-up journey for mailing-list subscribers, voters, and volunteers.


Alexa for City Council



Website Design & Development

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Photo showing branding guide pages

A Cohesive Brand Language

DAVID.MARKET helped the campaign develop a consistent visual brand and language that was then compiled into a communications manual for campaign staff and volunteers. This visual language was extended to a new website design for the campaign.

Photo showing website design images on tablet


We developed branded email templates for the campaign that continued the visual direction we developed for the brand. We developed email segmentation allowing the campaign to micro-target emails to in-district, donor, volunteer segments, and more. We also developed email acquisition funnels on the campaign website for these segments.

Photo showing email templates in action

Digital Advertising

DAVID.MARKET developed a long-term digital advertising strategy for the campaign. This involved precise targeting, distinct visual creative, multi-lingual Facebook and Instagram ads, and an intentional information calendar. We began the campaign with ads about the candidate and their policies, culminating in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) ads leading up to election day. These ads had a reach upwards of approximately 131,000.

DAVID.MARKET developed a comprehensive digital advertising program for the campaign.


DAVID.MARKET led and created the design of a wide range of print, including mailers, posters, yard signs, and more, extending the campaign brand language from digital to the physical world, providing a consistent, recognizable connection across surfaces.

Multi-lingual print materials were designed in order to reach residents of a diverse district.

Alexa Avilés for City Council - Chinese Language Poster Design
Multi-lingual print examples

DAVID.MARKET led and styled the campaign’s photoshoot in Sunset Park.

Visual assets from the photoshoot were used by the campaign across surfaces.

DAVID.MARKET won a MarCom Awards 2022 honorable mention for our work with Alexa for City Council in 2021.

MarCom Awards Graphic

Final Margin of Victory

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