Tip #1: Create an Offer That Customers Really Will Want

Marketing is most effective when you have a good product or service and an offer that customers will want at the top of your sales funnel. During the peak shopping season, it’s important to create an offer that’s relevant to your target customer, that they will want, and that will help cut through the peak shopping season’s noise. Some key examples include:

  • Special deal of the day: buy one, get one; buy one, give one (company donates to a charity on behalf of a customer with each purchase)
  • Pair related services/products with one another into a holiday season-only bundle
  • Partner with a neighboring small business on a promotion that complements each other’s products
  • Offer a gift with each purchase
  • If running PPC ads, consider using the promotion extension to showcase a special online discount
  • Give a discount for signing up for a blog, newsletter, or providing contact information

DAVID.MARKET holiday marketing tips Illustration - Reindeer Flying By Laptop

Tip #2: Get the Word Out to Your Customers

People are ready to make more purchases during this peak season, but many businesses compete for the increased number of eyeballs. You may have a great offer, but if your target customer doesn’t hear about it, you leave money on the table. Get the word out about your offer via:

  • PPC ads
  • Email
  • In-store marketing
  • Web pop-ups or landing pages
  • Media/influencer outreach