Digital Marketing Is a Long-Term Investment

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Digital Marketing

In today’s digital age, investing in digital marketing is no longer a luxury for brands: it’s a necessity. Businesses that don’t embrace digital marketing risk being left behind by competitors who are already making the most of the long-term benefits that it has to offer.

Digital marketing isn’t an instant solution. It requires expertise, patience, and a long enough timeline for all the elements to work together and generate the data, sales, and leads necessary for revision and adjustment.

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Invest For the Long-Term

We’ve put together a summary of three important reasons why every business should consider investing in digital marketing for the long-term.

First, digital marketing allows businesses to reach a much wider audience compared to older and traditional marketing methods. With more people spending time online, digital marketing provides a unique opportunity to reach a vast and diverse audience. Whether it’s through consistent social media posting, ongoing paid search ads, regular search engine optimization, or email marketing, businesses can reach their target customers at any time and from anywhere in the world. This is particularly important for small businesses that may have a limited reach with traditional marketing methods.

Second, digital marketing provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. With the use of modern analytics and tracking tools, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts and make informed decisions about their future strategies. This data, especially when considered over several months, can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t, as well as which customers are most likely to engage with the business. This information can be used to tailor marketing efforts and increase conversions, leading to a higher return on investment. For example, DAVID.MARKET, working with D2C brand Miko, led a brand refresh and consulted on their new website design. Our work focused on building a smooth, attractive customer experience that eased in and converted visitors to customers at a much higher rate, with a resultant 8000% percent increase in conversion rate. Additionally, we were able to enhance the brand’s advertising efforts across multiple platforms, which led to a year-on-year 106% increase in clicks, a 202% increase in conversions, and a 17% improvement in CPA and an improvement to 400% – a 600% ROAS!

Third, digital marketing is cost-effective and provides a better return on investment compared to traditional marketing methods. While it is true that some digital marketing efforts can be expensive, the cost is significantly lower compared to traditional marketing methods such as print ads and billboards. This is particularly true when a business approaches marketing as an extended, recurring investment. Additionally, the ability to track and measure the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts allows businesses to see a direct return on investment, unlike traditional marketing methods where it can be difficult to determine the success of the campaign.

Digital marketing provides a vast audience reach, valuable customer insights, and a cost-effective return on investment. With the growing importance of technology in our daily lives, businesses must invest in digital marketing long-term to stay competitive and reach their target customers.